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Norman Sperling
2625 Alcatraz Avenue #235
Berkeley, CA 94705-2702

cellphone 650 - 200 - 9211
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Norm Sperling’s Great Science Trek: 2014

San Luis Obispo
Santa Barbara
Palm Springs
Death Valley
El Paso
Corpus Christi
Baton Rouge
Key West
Winter Star Party, Scout Key

MARCH 2014:
up the Eastern seaboard

APRIL 2014:
near I-40, I-30, and I-20 westbound

MAY 2014:
near US-101 northbound
May 17-18: Maker Faire, San Mateo
May 23-26: BayCon, Santa Clara

California till midJune

JUNE 2014:
Pacific Northwest

JULY 2014:
Western Canada, eastbound

AUGUST 2014:
near the US/Can border, westbound
August 22-on: UC Berkeley

Speaking engagements welcome!
2014 and 2015 itineraries will probably cross several times.

Make It To The Maker Faire

© Norman Sperling, April 17, 2011

If mass-produced, mass-marketed goods satisfy you, the Maker Faire will be merely amusing.

If, on the other hand, you think that things ought to be more personal, more witty, more tailored to you, then the Maker Faire will inspire and instruct you just how to make them so.

You'll find it imaginative, whimsical, and way, way more. I've gone to all 5 Bay Area Maker Faires and came away from each bursting with possibilities and new combinations. I absolutely LOVE that feeling, so I return again and again. It's at the San Mateo (California) Event Center, May 21-22.

The first time, I just looked around. I saw fantastic novelties and new applications. But unlike many specialist gatherings, where I feel I'd never climb high enough to be a worthy participant, Makers showed and explained all the workings so openly that I came away thinking "I could do that".

And I could! The next year I entered a little hack, was accepted, and showed it off to the crowds. And the next year and again for a third year! Instead of the words and graphics I usually work with, here I was putting together gizmos and thingies, and making things work.

This year I'm taking another big step. I'm running a Commercial maker booth: I make and sell things. In this case JIR and its newest anthology, Don't Try This in High School. Contributing authors Jim Stanfield and Norm Goldblatt are expected to join us in the booth. I'm selling a variety of other stuff that no big corporation would produce, plus a selection of antiquarian steampunky and science books from the 1800s that I need to sell off before I go on my cross-country tour.

Designer/cartoonist Steve Johnson is sharing my booth. He wrote the wonderful books What the World Needs Now and Public Therapy Buses, and is introducing his hilarious and inspiring Inventing for Fun book (title is tentative) and some artwork.

If you're coming to the Maker Faire, I will be happy to have your pre-order all ready for you to pick up - just eMail me (normsperling {at} gmail.com) what you want by May 15th. Whether you order anything or not, stop by my booth and say hello.

Maker Faires elsewhere this year:
April 30 - May 1, Linthicum, Maryland (mini)
May 7-8, Toronto (mini)
June 4, Ann Arbor (mini)
June 18, North Carolina fair grounds (mini)
June 24-25, Kansas City (mini)
June 25-26, Vancouver (mini)
July 30-31, Detroit
September 17-18, New York

The Journal of Irreproducible Results
This Book Warps Space and Time
What Your Astronomy Textbook Won't Tell You

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