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This is NOT what I taught them!

© Norman Sperling, December 24, 2015

My eyes are starting to uncross after grading 60 essay exams. Most responses were great. But a few messed up my head even worse than my eyes.

* Astronomers always dread a night sky will disrupt their view of the night sky.
* The sun’s declination is higher during the summer and lower during the winter ... which causes the sun to be in a different position that is off by a few days.
* Erosion, atmosphere and tectnonic motions give rise to impact craters.
* A meteorite hit the earth and caused the extinction of the solar system.
* The middle stuff which is the lighest or heaviest forms layers in the middle.
* Neutron stars are not very massive relative to their mass.
* I saw the Andromeda Galaxy and quite logically, a surplus amount of dark matter.
* Ellipticals stay in a spherical looking plane.
* Earth has a core ... Then there is the mandible.
* [Telescopes] must be over 1 mil degree to view in X-ray.
* The late-early bombardment
* Main sequence stars tend to stay towards the center of the galaxie simply because they spend the least time drifting.
* Everything inside the Solar System is blue shifted.
* Reflection nebula reflect the star’s light through from the other side.
* The area between the planet and star is always equal as the planet moves.
* Gravity is directly proportion to masses and inversely proportional to the square of the rate they travel.
* Living species such as planets and animals
* Saturn is located behind the Kieper belt that has the finest rings seen because it consit of asteriod and ice crystals of the past.
* Galeleo using reflectors in his telescoped helped see father objects, however they distored color so you could see the color of anything.
* Galeleo was a pioneer above most in his era, but his bigest acomplishment was finding Jupiter, which help save Voyager 2. The incident was that Jupiter has been discovered yet, but the scientist of Voyager 2 studied Galelio’s notes which Voyager found and kept going to where they found Saturn as well.

To outflank a violent front

Heading south on I-75 to outflank the violent front. Will reassess from central Florida.

The Travel Plan for April and May, 2013

Norman Sperling, March 29, 2013

Spring Training, Phoenix: Athletics v Rangers; Cubs v Japan
Midland: Petroleum Museum; Commemorative Air Force; Rockhounds
place names: Carbon, Rising Star, Mercury, Star, Altair
23-26 March: off duty around San Antonio, Austin, Houston
27 March-2 April: unplanned RV repairs, Buda, Texas.
30-31 March: interviews in Killeen & Austin


near I-20: Superconducting Super Collider, Waxahachie
Venus, Fate, Uncertain
Vicksburg, Miss
8-9 April: Tuscaloosa
tour Mercedes Benz factory
10-14 April: Atlanta Area: CDC, World of Coke. off I-20.
East of Atlanta: Deerlick Astronomical Village, Laurel & Hardy, Signal Corps Museum, Athens Stonehenge, Guidestones
SC: DoE Savannah River Plant; USC Archives; baseball water tower
16-19 April: NC: Norman, Lake Norman, Star, Research Triangle
20-24 April, around DC: Wallops Island, Scientists Cliffs, Janelia Farm (HHMI)
25-28 April, near I-81: Charlottesville, Foamhenge, roadcuts.
29 Apr - 1 May: Tenn: Oak Ridge, Dayton, Rugby

2-3 May: 1811 Earthquakes: Land Between The Lakes, Reelfoot Lake, New Madrid, Mo.
4 May: Near I-40: Memphis
5 May: Cushing oil pipeline confluence
I-35 Arbuckle, OK
6-7 May: Amarillo: Marsh's signs; Ozymandias Legs
8-9 May: Albuquerque and Los Alamos: meteoritics lab; nuke museum
10-11 May: Lowell Observatory, Discovery Telescope
Grand Canyon off I-40
Near US-101: 13-14 May: Santa Barbara
14-15 May: San Luis Obispo
17 May: Tri-Valley Star Gazers, Livermore
18-19 May: Maker Faire, San Mateo
24-27 May: BayCon, Santa Clara off US-101

Great Book Sale

I'm moving into an RV and simply can't keep the library I've built over 50 years. (What I do next is described at www.everythingintheuniverse.com/node/76.)
* Thousands of books, mostly <$10.
* These are the best copies I ever got, the ones I kept for myself.
* Many scholarly, lots of popularizations at all levels.
* A few hundred are from the 1800s.
* Over 100 are autographed by their authors.
* Runs of many science periodicals.
* Posters.
* Miscellaneous clippings, brochures, pamphlets ...

Cash preferred. Checks and time-terms accepted from people I know, and people they vouch for personally. PayPal possible, but I'm not set up for credit cards.

11 AM to 4 PM
Saturday, August 11, 2012
413 Poinsettia Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403
(enter left of the garage, through the courtyard)
near the Hillsdale exit off US-101
Landline: 650-573-7125 (expires about September 22)
Cell: 650-200-9211

Solar System
Celestial Mechanics
Historical astronomy
early NASA
and much, much more

Historical Astronomy
Histories of Science, and specific sciences
Heroes of Science

Earth Science
Science Fiction
Africana/Black Studies
and miscellaneous other interests

The family is also selling kids' bikes, a drum set, 1990 Ford van ($1990), and (closer to September 22) household furniture and stuff ... and then, of course, the house itself. I'll move about September 22, perhaps to Pittsburg, CA, for the fall, then Trek in the RV.

The Journal of Irreproducible Results
This Book Warps Space and Time
What Your Astronomy Textbook Won't Tell You

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